Drupal – Advertisement module

21 07 2009

Today I got a chance to work on advertisements feature in one of our project. I found Advertisement module. This module is having lot of features, I just need a way to add advertisement with the banner and need to show the ads in a block. I did following steps to get what I need.

1. Download and place Advertisement module in modules directory. I use drush

drush dl ad

2. Enable the ad, ad_image module through admin build modules page. I used drush

drush enable ad

drush enable ad_image

3. Go to admin/content/ad/configure/image page and set the maximum image size for the default group and checked Allow remote hosted images. Here I used default group. If we want we can create groups and assign ads to different groups. When we create a group, the specific group block will be created automatically.

4. Enable the default ad group: default block. Enable respective group block if create groups

5. Create advertisement by going to node/add/ad page. Specify the title and group details

6. Select the Add type in the Select Ad type section and click select then one new section will add at the bottom of Select Ad type section.

7. Specify the destination url and specify Romote Image path if the image is from remote path. We can also upload the image at the bottom of the page in file attachment section.

8. We can set the ad activation, expiration settings at scheduling section.

9. Set the status of the ad and save. Choose the active status if you want to display ad in the block. Save the advertisement.

10. Repeat the steps from 5-9 to add more ads.

11. Now the block will display the ad image that we created now.

12. By default block display 1 ad. we can configure the number of ads to be displayed in the block in block configuration page.

That’s it. I can able to create ads with image and displaying them in a block. Hope this might be helpful for others(I used drupal 6)


Drupal module is not appearing in module list page

10 07 2009

Recently when I am working on one project I observed strange behavior. The module is there in the modules directory but I can’t see that module in the admin/build/modules/list page. I wanted to enable that module but I could not find that module in the list.

I was struggling to find out why? After some time one of my colleague said to search for this module .module file exist in some other location also. Yes it is there in another folder. If I remove that extra .module file which is there at wrong location it appear in the modules list page.

.module file should exist at only single palce. This probllem can be common when we use ftp to copy files. By mistake we can put files in some other location. So be careful while copying files using FTP.