Facebook Stream module allows publish functionality

27 06 2009

Now Facebook stream drupal module allows users to publish comments, likes and status messages.  For demo check http://drupal.azrisolutions.com/facebook_stream/

To allow users of your application publish posts,  comments, likes you need to apply for the whitelist. Otherwise, the only Facebook users that can grant your application the publish_stream permission are the developers of your application.


Facebook Live Stream module released on drupal.org

13 06 2009

Finally we got cvs login for the drupal.org to put our module in the drupal contributions section. Now facebook like stream module is available at location http://drupal.org/project/facebook_stream

I got cvs login after 11days of applying for the cvs. It is not so easy to get cvs login. I sent request through the http://drupal.org/cvs-application/requirements link. It is must to follow the instructions specified in the above link. I was talking about this in the #drupal IRC channel. Finally got the cvs login.

Facebook Live Stream Module for Drupal Released

29 05 2009

We’ve just released a module. This module leverages the Facebook Open Stream API. Once installed, the module allows users of the Drupal instance to access their Facebook account and view the real time stream of their friends’ updates from Facebook in a block within their Drupal instance. Users can control the number of posts viewable via the profile settings tab.

Check http://www.azrisolutions.com/journal for more information.