Drupal Sprint India 2009

4 11 2009

I am a drupal developer, my drupal profile can be seen at http://drupal.org/user/43559. Drupal Sprint India 2009 event details can be found at location http://drupalindia2009.plug.org.in/namaste. From my organization 3 people attended this event. Asif (Project Manager), Chakrapani (Application Developer) and myself (Application Developer). I and Chakrapani attended this event to participate in the Sprint. Asif Participated in Talks and Workshops.

It is a nice experience to attend this event. Met cool people like Addison Berry, and had chance to share my views about drupal testing and documentation. Learned new things from her. It is really nice experience. With this event I started contributing to drupal core, which I love to do.

Through this sprint some of the drupal 6 modules are ported to drupal 7 and some new translations for the languages are added. Some of the patches are added.

Day 1

Took registration and attended the welcome session. After that went to participate in the sprint. This spirnt is headed by Addison Berry, Lead of drupal documentation project.

I wanted to work on drupal7 core issues, to work on core issues I read the documentation about how to set up the development environment, Review the patches etc.. before attending the sprint itself. I checked how people work on drupal7 core issues by joining the #drupal IRC channel.

For a practice I did some of the reviews for the drupal7 core issues, and added one patch for the admin_menu module which is committed to all versions of admin_menu module.

I tried to work on the drupal7 issues, but I noticed that some of the drush commands are not working well with drupal7 head. So decided to fix these issues of drush module and provide patch to drush module.

In the lunch time I introduced myself with Addison Berry and had good talk about the next plans of drupal documentation, drupal 7 release plan. Discussed about Drupal7 UI changes. Also Talked about plans about using bazaar for drupal and migration plans from cvs to bazaar. It is really a nice discussion. Addison Berry explained the complexities involved in implementing pathauto module for the documentation.

After lunch I talked with Addison berry about the samepage(http://samepage.in) product which I worked. Worked on drush module, Discussed with other guy about the best practices of themeing and drupal project development issues.


Morning I tried to finish my drush module task that I started yesterday, Finally it is a very small change added patch to the drush module.

After that had discussion with Addision Berry about how to properly maintain the our module code in cvs. Asked her about how multiple people work on same project when they are using cck, views. How to deploy code properly using update hooks. And also discussed about my views on drupal7 testing issues. She suggested me to contact other person who can give more input on testing. Took feedback from Addison Berry about my drupal module contributions, php contributions and jquery contributions.

After lunch I worked on porting my accordion_blocks module to drupal7, but noticied that there is a lot of change related to javascript api. Had talks with other guys who attended the sprint.

Finally came out from the event with good experiences and learnings.




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