Why I fail to submit my phrase to engineyard contest

23 07 2009

There is a programming contest which is conducted by engineyard. The contest is interesting so I planned to participate. I wrote program but could not submit the phrase to it. When I analyze why I could not submit, these are the mistake that I did.

1. I calculated wrong time of submission. I am living in IST and the content submission time is based on PST. I am not very familiar with these timezones, so I calculated wrong time. By the time I wanted to submit, the submission time is closed. I learned calculate the time properly and keep alerts

2. Lazy in writing program. I wrote program which will just take the 12 random words from the dictionary and calculate the hamming distance as specified in the contest. There are 2 more things I missed I can add 5 letter word at the end and each letter in the word can be of any case(upper or lower). I wrote these 2 case after the contest time start. I learned finish the task at that time, don’t postpone any piece of work to another day.

3. Lazy in knowing about SHA1 algorithm. I know that taking random words from the dictionary does not work. I know I need to know more about SHA1 but could not find or spend time on knowing more about SHA1. I depend on luck I know this is not correct, still I am lazy and couldn’t read about SHA1. I leaned that do not depend on luck just know more and work.




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