Drupal – Restrict access to menu item per role

20 07 2009

When I am working on one project, I created some content types. The view permissions for some of the content types should be restricted only for some roles. There is no view access peromission specific to content type. There are  add, edit, delete permissions for the specific content type.

Any how I am using only one node of that content type. So I used menu_per_role module. Through this module we can restrict the access of a particular menu item. I did following steps to restrict access to one menu item for some roles.

1. install menu_per_role module

2. enable the module

3. Go to menu item edit page, you can see Restrict access permission section. Select the roles which you want to give permission for this menu and save.

That’s it. It worked for me for now, but I need to find out how to restrict view access of particular node type. If some one know please send me comment.




3 responses

11 01 2010

Hi Prajwala,

You can use either the Node Privacy by Role, or Content Access modules to restrict access by node or node type.


11 01 2010

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the info.


7 10 2010

I was struggling with menu access.
but menu_per_role gave very simple solution for that

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