Drupal – Custom filter type for content type

20 07 2009

In one of the project that I am working, there is a requirement to enable full html filter type for one content type. The rest of the content types should have the default filter type configurations set in the admin/settings/filters/list.

I did with the Filter by node type module. Which solved my problem. I followed bellow steps to enable full html filter type for one content type.

1. Install the module

2. Enable module

3. Go to content type edit page.  Path will be admin/content/node-type/<node type>

4. Expand Submission form settings section. Check the allowed input filters for this content type and save.

5. Select the proper roles who can use this filter format. We can set this by going to the corresponding filter configuration page. If we do not set this role even if we set the default filter type it does not effect.

That’s it. I used drupal 6. Hope this might be helpful for others.
update: I found another better module to do this. It is Better Formats module . I did not try this but It looks it works better than filterbynodetype module.




2 responses

23 08 2009

Hey thanks for the information. I was like working for 3 weeks on how to hide the tips. Better Format helps.

10 01 2010
O. Liam Wright

hello. great module. Quick question though. Have you experienced any unresponsiveness with this module… seems like the mod listens to some node types but not others… Thoughts?



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