Drupal module is not appearing in module list page

10 07 2009

Recently when I am working on one project I observed strange behavior. The module is there in the modules directory but I can’t see that module in the admin/build/modules/list page. I wanted to enable that module but I could not find that module in the list.

I was struggling to find out why? After some time one of my colleague said to search for this module .module file exist in some other location also. Yes it is there in another folder. If I remove that extra .module file which is there at wrong location it appear in the modules list page.

.module file should exist at only single palce. This probllem can be common when we use ftp to copy files. By mistake we can put files in some other location. So be careful while copying files using FTP.




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2 08 2010

Wow, great post, saved my sanity.

After updating Drupal, I got an error related to the panes module, seemingly unrelated. Of course, I had not properly backed up, but I noticed the my content glider (Content Glider module) was no longer working. I checked admin/build/modules and it was no longer listed! I tried everything I could think. FTPed the module, the core, tried to restore the DB. Searched the db and deleted all references to the module. Nothing.

I searched Google for about 2 hours. Nothing worked!

Put the site in Off-line mode and went to bed.

This morning, I woke up and started searching, and found your post.

Guess what, found content_glider.module in the FCK directory! Deleted, and magic!

Thank you so much for your insight!


23 11 2010
Abdu Rahiman

Great Post.

I tried to update some Security Update modules. One of custom module got missed in the modules listing Page, I tried enabling in the system tabel and serached google also, but no use.
At last I found your post and found that my custom module was also there in sites/all/modules folder and in sites/all/modules/custom folder.


11 03 2011
Herb Miller

I had the same problem with my own custom module. The stupid thing was that I was replacing the missing module by another module.

So I wanted to see it listed in order to disable it.

After I deleted the unwanted duplicates (created by slip ups during in ftp), Drupal came to its senses and showed the module again.

So if Drupal knew it was enabled why didn’t it complain? And the answer will probably be… it doesn’t check that information until it’s listed the modules it finds in the directories.

16 08 2011


12 01 2012


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