My experiences on dojo

19 03 2009

I have been working on dojo from past 1 year.
I had both good and bad experiences with using dojo.
I started using dojo from 0.4.
At that time i faced more problems while customising the widgets for my self.
In fact am not much experienced and I didn’t follow the document well.
I gone through the examples and used it.
The used dojo tree. It is providing lot of functions like adding new tree item.
editing tree item moving tree.
But i have to add event for every action so for that i went to dojo tree code
and modified the code. This is very very bad. I am sooooo stupid at here.
I didn’t gone through the document.
At last i made my application work but with lot lot of errors on tree.
And am not satisfied with this.
And i don’t know how to make the dojo load on the browser fastly.
All these issues are because i didn’t read the document.
Then i left dojo.
And used my customised thing.
I started using dojo after they released 0.9.
This time i gone through the document and came to know that dojo can help me in lot more ways.
The widgets are very cool things in the dojo.
and we can customise very easily, hmmm some times they caused some problems
but can solve without modifying dojo core things.
Now am using dojo1.0.1
One thing i liked in dojo is they are very responsive to the bugs that are posted in the trac.




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