Happy coding php with xdebug

19 03 2009

Today I started working on drupal. I am reading about AHAH, then went to drupal development tools page, from there I stopped at xdebug.
I know about xdebug but I didn’t think it really works well. I did not find good tutorial before about how to use it.
I am working with php and python. I always used to think php is not having good debugging support like python. But xdebug is there to fullfil it.
I found good xdebug tutorial. xdebug is very good. It tells about how to print the stack trace of errors, local variables, global variables, parameter values. Different configuration settings how to display them. Now I am happy to code in php.
We can not debug the code without using any IDE. The tutorial explained by using Eclipse PDT.
It supports profiling and code coverage. It generates results which another tools can understand. The tutorial explained how to use those tools also. I hope xdebug tutorial is good tutorial to read.




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